How to make money online the Truth and the FACTS

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Hi my name is Glendon Cameron I am the founder of Hustler’s Kung Fu University. It is a curriculum that will help you make money. One of the biggest things for this channel is where do I start with your courses?

There are so many! I want to be sure to get what applies to me! So I am creating this video for people who need that information. All course are priced at a level you can easily buy one at a time.

The first thing you will do is get my free audiobook – The Hustler’s Mindset Pimping you mind for success. –

The second course you should get is Money Management -The Basics of Finance and wealth DEVELOPMENT this course will teach you how to optimize your money and prepare for the new money that will come in when you start your business –

The third course you should get is Becoming the BOSS – teaches you the mental shift you must make from an employee mindset to an owner mindset.

The fourth course you should get is The Power of 6 – prepare you to do more and get shit done!

The fifth course you should buy is Scripted Days this will give you the power of writing your intentions down. This course will be life-changing. –

These 5 courses and the free audiobook will build the foundation. When I was doing 30 Days to $2500 I had some students do AMAZINGLY WELL and some students struggled. The people who did well already had a) a business b) a superior mindset the foundation course will give you the superior mindset.

Let say you are a person who wants to start a business but have no clue to where to start this next section is for you. Typically business success comes from practicing business skills. One of the best ways to do that is by reselling. You got to get your feet wet. This is where you start with the reselling courses.

This collection will give you everything you need to start reselling or making money from garage sales –

Once you have gotten the 5 first courses. Your next move will be 30 Days to $2500 this is a course for people who need help learning how to selling and set up a business. It will be thought to provoking this is also is a good course for people with established businesses. It will help you sell more!-

Your seventh course will be Asking for the Money how to be Uber salesperson. Only buy this course when you have a product or service to sell –

For business owners – defined as people making money and paying their bills with the proceeds from the business

You should get The Art of Holding on how to set up your legal structure. If you are a business owner making money you are a target and you need to protect yourself! –

For people who want to save some money. Curated bundle with all of the courses except The Art of Holding to get you started on your business aspirations! Hustler Undergrad –


8 thoughts on “How to make money online the Truth and the FACTS

  1. well timed video must of been google analytics😂😂 ive been scouring the net for online business models, been learning code for 2 months google ads now im on analytics while workin a weekend 9-5, selling on ebay and running a mobile car wash.. IM WORKIN 💪

  2. Honestly, I believe the reason why people underestimate making money online is because the internet was the domain of "nerds" & "kids." Now that the average person is getting use to doing online, the internet became normalized and the competition has become more fierce.

  3. I think you said it best. If you don't have a way of solving a problem it's not going to work out. I think it's my weakness. I don't think I have ever solved a problem in life.

  4. I blame these YT "gurus" for much of the misinformation floating out there today. They make it look so easy. Nothing is ever that easy. But, if you play the long game then you have a very good chance of success. Look 1yr. 5yrs.10 yrs into the future. Most people don't do this though.

    Like anything it's going to take a TON of work. I like to ask myself "What would Tom Brady do?" It's kinda silly but think about it. He didn't become GOAT by sitting on his ass and watch Netflix all day. He has a very strict regimen. He goes to bed by 9pm. Wakes up super early. He eats very healthy. And, he works his ass off. Compound that over years, and that is how you succeed. Do the same with your business. Pick one thing and go crazy deep. How can you not find success?

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