39 thoughts on “Lesson-1: Check this method to make money online.

  1. Sir how to make website from 'Ankut aggarwal' domain website? I saw the video second but i dont understandind first step to make domain name.can u send me detail in comment.this is my first time.

  2. Hi sir , I am full time developer and working as a freelancer now . I need to know how I can earn in this web development niche?

    Thanks for your great initiative , I am so happy to learn more from you . 🙂

  3. I agree with your statement, about the "making more money than an IIM graduate per year" … I am a digital marketeer from one of the Top Tier B Schools. I have been doing Marketing since my early late teen, right now earning from my portfolio of serving some of my clients on Instagram/ Facebook marketing campaigns. I just started things out, so money is not that much but I love doing what I do. Would love to read your book and your insights on Marketing.

    Please feel free to get back, am very interested to hear from you and take some guidance.

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