How do you make money as a Python developer? 💰💰💰 ► Actionable tips and code samples for writing better Python

In this video I’m discussing the “ultimate” Python career question: “How do you make money as a Python developer?”

You’ll learn about the different ways you can make an income as a Python software developer. We’ll discuss salaried jobs, freelancing, and other avenues for making a living from your Python programming skills.

Got a question you’d like me to cover? Leave a comment with your Python or general software dev question on this video and I’ll try to discuss it in one of the next “#PythonQ&A” videos.

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11 thoughts on “How do you make money as a Python developer? 💰💰💰

  1. how can i get a remote job with flexible hours because i’m a grade 10 student. So i want to be given deadline but work when i have time to

  2. Hey thanks for the thoughts. I have a related question. I am working on a Python project that is pretty large in nature and wouldnt work as a web app, rather as a desktop application. It is a very novel idea that I havnt seen anywhere else and will allow people to compose music in very new ways using mathematics and machine learning. What are the ways to capitalize on the idea?

  3. Hey what are the chances of just starting to teach python as you learn. I mean just jump in and teach as you are doing. Do you teach full time or have another job on the side besides programming?

  4. I am currently working as an Autonomous Programmer
    for companies in Norway, Denmark and Germany. I'm from Brazil, and I watch all your videos after your participation in Castalio.

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