How I Make $20,000/Month on Amazon Selling Other People's Products

About half of my sales on Amazon come from Tactical Arbitrage the other half comes from my own Private Label brands.
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42 thoughts on “How I Make $20,000/Month on Amazon Selling Other People's Products

  1. I went back in my YouTube history and this was the first video I watched regarding FBA and I’m now about to replace my engineering income (EE as well). I just want to say thank you Jordan!

  2. Hi Jordan, Looking forward to your Online Leads program. That is receiving ten leads Monday thru Friday. Receive the first one Thursday, 11/15/2018. Will Friday list be arriving soon. Please advise.

  3. Hi Jordan, Just purchase your online course on getting products leads. Please advise what day a refund will be given for the three days trial period. Also how the refund will be given. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Catherine. (

  4. Shipping question: I just sent in some shipment to Amazon. All of my boxes were 1lb at the most and were in 6x6x6 boxes. I paid about $4 in shipment per package. I just tried sending something that was 11.5 lbs and shipping was $4, too. Why was it the same?

  5. I sent to alibaba money once for buying cell was 2400$ ..600$ was a piece ..and they asked me to pay through western union before I get my products I didn’t see not my money not cell phones..(

  6. lol you need to buy and sell a lot … some people open stores were they sell stuff of people that went out of business ..but this means you need a lot of money to start with and you as the seller even as a reseller have to give warranty ….if nobody buys the stuff what are you going to do sit on it ??? the reason the stuff is on clearance is because they couldn't sell it for the price the once asked for and now they can sell it for less or throw it away … if you flood the market or more people search for the same stuff for the same reason than guess what you all will end up with a lot of trash you can't sell ….
    if all the program does is look for  offers compared to amazon prices safe the money and look yourself for stuff that's on clearance and don't be disappointed if you have to buy 1000 or 10.000 items to get it like 60% of and such so yes you need money to start and you take the risk of sitting on it forever …
    and the price 1 $ for the first weak … how much is it after that and how much do you get for each person how buys the program to use it  because i spend like 5 hours searching for stuff to buy and sell than i spend like 5000$ to buy the shit spend another 2 hours putting all the items on amazone as a brand new sell no trust nothing ….spend 1 month to sell it all for 6500 but i have to pay fees to amazone so 6000 for me and i spend several hours shipping so that means a weak of work for 1000$ and i waited etc but now just a few customers complain and sent the shit back … i got it on clearance so i can't complain myself anymore and have to keep it that could mean all i have are my 5000 back but i have to pay taxes on my income … wow …
    if you spend 40.000 $ to buy and store and ship the stuff and pay people to do this for you and you get 20.000 as a profit luky you but i believe all you do is sell this program and get  a provision for doing so wile other people pay for a dream they chase that could end up making them more broke than they already are …

  7. The Plus side… This method works..

    The Minus side… Not very well..

    Here's why..

    First off… Everyone and their brother is doing this..

    Secondly… Amazon changes their sales ranks hourly. So, therefore when you set a product filter w a 70k sales rank, as in this example. That doesn't mean like "today, right nows" sales rank.. it's old. Also, by the time you buy the product, ship it to the FBA warehouse, list it etc. That takes AT LEAST a week or so. Generally longer. So by then, with everyone and their brother running the same software, odds are high that someone else beat you to the punch and has the product listed at a lower price. Then all of the pricing algorithms on Amazon will have already cut your profit to nothing. AND to top that all off, you are now left with a high sales rank item that you already paid for, it's costing you money (warehouse storage fees), and theres no profit left in it anymore, and more than likely you're sitting on a loss.

    Third.. even if you do manage to find a product that beats these odds.. which is rare, but happens. Your profit margin is no where near what you calculate. Then depending on how well you are capitalized, determines how long you can sit w that cash out before you NEED to sell the product to get your cash back. If you're not well capitalized, then you will start dumping your price on your product to get your cash back, and then your profit margin goes to shit.

    This is a dangerous game boys and girls.. it's not as easy as this kid is showing it to be.

  8. Dude good video, I learned a little something today! (Dropshipping is cheaper… lol)

    This is America people wake up! you have the right to sell anything*, anywhere, at anytime!

    So what he's got a program for sale on the back end, most affiliate marketers and publishers do, that's one of the ways they get paid, big deal… When you go to your local market do you say "They're out to get my money" well whether you said yes or not the truth is they need your money to stay in business, and you still buy, or you'd make your own food, clothing, electronics, etc. right? Do you stop going because they want you're business aka yo-money?

    I commend this gentlemans efforts in being an online entrepreneur and I hope that what he is selling is adding value to people's lives and really helping them to achieve their goals, Lifestyles, egos (lol), etc…… although I won't be purchasing anything today from this gentleman, I wish him the best, and look forward to his future posts. Let's please remember the golden rule of "Do unto others" in biz….. Thanks for the good info!

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