11 thoughts on “Easy way to make money online as an artist (not clickbait)

  1. Um, if I'm a youtuber how many subscribers I need to be eligible for this? I'm a very private guy in FB so there is only relative and family members which isn't going to hit the 100 minimum requirement.

  2. This is pretty smart. If someone means to sell a link to someone, they have to advertise it first. Advertising online can get super expensive, unless you find a way to get others to advertise for you. Gj

  3. To get 10% of any purchase just by spreading the word it's a steal. It's very nice of you guys to introduce this feature. I think will help the community a lot. Keep it up!

  4. Pretty nice way to help the community, as your student, I live in a third world country which makes it 100 times more difficult to find a job for digital artist, this makes me have hope! I'm going to start working on a page to get 100 followers! Thanks Marc!

  5. Hey guys! The whole purpose of my channel has always been to help out the art community that raised me so I felt this needed to be shared here as well!

    It's not every day artists have an easy way to earn money doing what they love and Cubebrush just opened its affiliate partner feature to the public (used to be sellers-only) and it's kind of a game changer, in a nutshell:

    -Become a partner
    -Share cool stuff you find
    -Whenever someone who follows your link(s) makes a purchase on the site, earn 10% of it.

    No need to be a creator yourself though, literally anyone can do this. Just works much better if you already have a big online presence 🙂

    Ask away if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them all!

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