How To Get Your Dream Job

Books that have helped me on my journey:
» The Magic of Believing:
» The Power of Your Subconscious Mind:
» Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide:
» The Silva Mind Control Method:
» Money, and the Law of Attraction:
» Ask and It Is Given:

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26 thoughts on “How To Get Your Dream Job

  1. why is it that one day i'm so high in my vortex makes me feel so good and smooth and all smiles and the next day i just don't get any feelings neither bad nor good. And some time of the day it just makes me so high. I feel like i cant handle all these exhilaration at the moment. Please let me know whether i should be in the vortex every time i think of it ? Am i missing anything?

  2. Dear Universe
    I am ready. Please bring me my dream job! One that nourishes my soul, pay the bills and doesn't tear up my body! I know it's coming and waiting! I surrender. Thank you universe! Love

  3. What if you dobt know what you want to do but need a better job asap. I dont currently expertise or skills that would get me there and have had issues with exams and test most of my life so studying extra qualification isnt an option either…. any help?!?!

  4. i had my dream job i worked so hard to get the promotion!!! but i wasn't happy pay wasn't enough for what i did? i suffered depression had my heart broken i lost my job even got bad references and worse, I'm struggling to find work!!! but i am imagining i will be in a better place more money somewhere i will be happy and enjoy my job!!! how does this work do i say i will be working? i want that job that job will be mind how do i attract it to come to me?

  5. Help me please..
    I had a dream job but it lasted for a year only. I'm in process of creating a new job but when it comes to visualization I can't see a new picture. I see myself on the job that I had. I feel all good vibes but all of a sudden I think I have to visualize something new but I don't know what to do?

  6. I had just watch Tony Robinson on Oprah and found this video. I have been asking the universe for a response and got it. Amazing! 👍🏾 I'm actually in the verge of manifesting my ideal job, I got a letter in the mail to schedule the interview, I called and left a message. They haven't called and there is 30 day deadline to get the interview so I was thinking of calling again but by doing so it wouldn't be trusting the universe to deliver. So I learned from this video that the right thing to do is to back off, trust it and release it. It will come in divine time.

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