2 Million Grads Enter the Job Market This Month – How Can A Grad Stand Out?

Next Great Step – We Bridge the Gap from College to the Real World. Our sole focus is to help college students and recent graduates achieve career success when they graduate. Over 1.8m students graduate each May and but many are underemployed. A majority of students feel unprepared to get a job after graduation and only 1/3 will graduate with the skills they need to succeed in the marketplace. They are confused, overwhelmed and feel pressured to have a career figured out before graduation.

More importantly, parents are worried about their college graduate living at home and not achieving financial independence. Even when parents provide contacts and access to opportunities, many students still struggle. Recent grads want to find real work but often are not taught how to do it effectively.

That’s where we come in. We provide a simple, step by step approach launching students into a successful career. Learn more at www.nextgreatstep.com

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