What to do if you can't land a pharmacy job or residency?

Want to know how to get a pharmacy job or a pharmacy residency?

Chances are, you’re a fresh pharmacy grad and you’re struggling to get a pharmacy residency or a pharmacy job.

It can be really depressing getting rejected over and over again when trying to land that pharmacy residency…

It’s not your fault, the pharmacy job market is really saturated right now. There just aren’t a lot of jobs for pharmacists.

But the fact of the matter is you just graduated, and you have the weight of student loans on your shoulders.

You need to land a pharmacy job.
In this video, I share 3 pharmacist job tips to help you get that pharmacy job or a pharmacy residency.

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2 thoughts on “What to do if you can't land a pharmacy job or residency?

  1. or 1a, which is the least favorite. Go back to school do something else where the demand is needed. and build another network with different professors. Basically reinvent yourself and if GPA is terrible, GPA resuscitation. this option is for students who do not have loans to pay off from pharmacy school.

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