How To Get Commercial Jobs – Strategies for Insurance Restoration

Should you handle commercial jobs? Absolutely, and here’s why…

Strategy. Consistency. Diligence. Dedication. And most importantly of all, putting in the HARD WORK… that’s REQUIRED… to WIN IN THIS GAME!

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5 thoughts on “How To Get Commercial Jobs – Strategies for Insurance Restoration

  1. My problem in my experience with homeowners is they feel I don't take their project as a "big job". I install almost every type of roofing man manufacturers, I have installed half square modified patches to 5000 square new construction projects. In my opinion every project is the most important one but we have to keep the wheels turning and knocking smaller projects out is my focus most times rather than being tied up on large projects with consultants and city inspection issues. I love commercial roofing, a few months ago we completed a 300 square mechanically fastened Sarnafil new construction install in 4 days with 6 men, from stock out to the collector heads and downspouts as a final with a minimal punch list, so we kick ass, saying that when I meet with a homeowner who has multiple buildings or slope and flat combos, I feel they don't think I take them seriously because I have already removed and replaced their roof in my mind. In your opinion should I slow my thought and sales approach process so I can better understand them and their particular issues? I'm a very careful roofer, our safety is great, no to light damage to property, I schedule no more than a month out, I ask because I like to get the small bread and butter projects that keep the lights on while the larger commercial tear offs come available.

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