KFC Jobs Available in Malaysia 2018

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22 thoughts on “KFC Jobs Available in Malaysia 2018

  1. Jahoot maat bolo KFC job only Malaysia people ko milti hai… don't talk lie with Pakistani people…. jagan tipu sama Pakistani orang I'm original from Pakistan but I'm Malaysia national I know about all jobs ok so plz don't lie talk with ur own people

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  3. Don't give wrong info cms i warn u don't cheat to Pakistanis # حیدر is lying #fraud#
    …Malaysian government not allowed to foreigner worker in kfc or any fast food Company's most of time they hire local Malaysian staff ….agar tumary pass koi latter hai tu show karoo jo tumari fraud cms company ko mela ho…

  4. Bard me jayi tare kaam khudka kethny Selry hogi auron ke leyai eaik hazar riggit Lakhon samja jata hai illegle hai to kya howah pir bhi 1lakh kamata he jo log bahir jatay hai pls aoneh mat sekayi mehrbani hoge

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