40 thoughts on “How To Negotiate Salary After A Job Offer

  1. Hi great video

    I have a question I was hoping you can help me

    I have accepted a fairly decent job which is about 10 mins away from me which has offered me a decent amount for the role. So like a fool I thought I’ll cancel this other job interview I had since I had been up for A 3rd stage interview with HR at the 3rd job but since the 2nd job was quite far much further away and same pay as the 1st job I decided to withdraw my application.

    After handing in my resignation letter where I explained my situation and asking to withdraw my application. The agency kept ringing me and eventually when we talked over the phone they congratulated me in my new job offer and they tried to convince me to go to the interview.

    However, since the 2nd job role was same pay as the first but further away I wasn’t really looking forward to wasting my time or the companies to even attend the interview but the agency convinced eventually convinced metro go they said p that it may be possible if the company likes me a lot they would be willing to match my expected salary.

    So eventually I decided to go the interview and ace it but then I found out the company I am going for is actually a big company who has a lot of money The company didn’t ask for the salary during the interview but the interview went really well . I don’t know if I messed up or not by mentioning
    The expected salary to the agency after realising I could get so much more from company. Is it still possible to get better negotiation from them ? Also how do I negotiate the salary further with the 1,2 or 3rd job?

    (P.S Sorry for the essay lol and yeah I know some agency’s are scums but I really hate going through so many interviews stages my plan is to get in the company first then build my career without the agency)

    Please advise me further on this

  2. Never, ever ever say your salary or your expected salary. A friend working as a financial Analyst who is currently earning 50k for a job she didn’t negotiate had an offer of $78k for a new job where she didn’t reveal her pay, guess what? She negotiated this time and had $80k plus. If she had revealed she was earning $50k they wouldn’t offer $78k but maybe $60k plus. Don’t reveal your pay let them bring a number and you negotiate

  3. Everyone seems to be commenting on animation. No one seems to think it's unrealistic to just stack up multiple offers then start telling potential employers you now have an offer on the table. Good luck with that strategy.

  4. My process just ended.
    I didnt really share that i was getting offers. Personally i didnt mention money at all, im a personable person so i really just got them to want me. So after they wanted me they low balled me….i was like uhmmmmm noo andbtold the manager i was hoping for 10k more. And then the guy sent 3 emails in a row over the span of 5 days in which i did not respond till the 5th day. After which i thought i was done so i kept on applying to jobs with an even higher salary!(still have the interviews:actually had one scheduled for today but i need to cancel)come 3 days after my final refusal and thank you i get a phone call saying that they can do the salary i was looking for. Gold 27 yrs old 100g a yr

  5. Step #1 is easier said then done. After 1000's of applications with maybe 3-5 interviews max, you're extremely lucky if just one of those employers is kinda-sorta considering giving you an offer!

  6. An animation is more informative but the Regular camera is more attractive. I paid more attention when there's an actual face to look at. The animation is great if the information is important or harder to understand without visual aids. I would suggest having a Regular camera to start the video with and continue with animation during delivery. Swapping between two when changing a subtopic is a great idea too.

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