American Nurse jobs for International nurses I How to get a green card

Nurse jobs for international nurses looking to work in the USA America. Are you are registered nurse that lives outside of the USA and want to live and work here in the united states and want to get green card? Look into this company. They hire nurses, physical therapist and occupational therapist. US Jobs physical therapist and also occupational therapist. Watch this video to find out How to get a RN job in the US. You will find out How to immigrate to America USA as a nurse.

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Here is a nurse channel who has used came to America using a staffing agency and now works in the US :


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  1. Hi Simone, I am a RN, BSN and would like to make a little extra money working from home and getting into medical coding. I have some experience with ICD 10 codes with my current employment. I am interested in the company you made your first video about with the onsite training on medical coding. Could you please email me some information on your company and any advise at Are you still with the same company? Thank you

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