When Should I Quit My Job?

When Should I Quit My Job?

On today’s live show we’re talking about when is the right time to jump ship and quit your 9-5 job. It’s a question we get a lot around here and we’ll talk about all that and more. Join us for today’s live stream at 11AM EST.



20 thoughts on “When Should I Quit My Job?

  1. Great info. Quick question: I’m wanting to borrow against my equity on my rentals and do the brrrr method in order to scale quickly. When you pull your money out of a house what type of loan does the bank give you? Is it a nasty balloon note loan, or 30 year fixed rate? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that question answered.

  2. Great content, love the way you answered the gentleman's question about being bored. I am going to one day reach financial freedom and I hope so much that I can be a guest on your show, I'll definitely come around to this comment again once I achieve that first goal haha.

  3. I was lucky/unlucky on the transition from 9-5er to beginning the path of financial freedom. Its different for everyone. I appreciate that, while you are a tv personality who had "wealth" and made a huge leap in a totally different direction, you bring it on pretty real. You arent immune to issues of building a business and dealing with adversity. You take your punches like a champ and continue to bring information on the benefits and challenges of growing past the 9-5 racket. Keep pushing and showing that you dont have to be wealthy to create wealth. I know I didnt have 2 nickels to rub together but fight every morning to keep growing and learning.
    Thank you for not giving up on your viewers and followers!

  4. Don't worry Clayton, beards these days are way over done because of these mindless TV Shows that people waste their time on watching. Well I beg to differ, Natalia is lovely so maybe it would be awkward saying that you are handsome:)

  5. You guys are rock stars!!! Thanks you again for every episode you produce.Powerful truths regarding exchanging life and freedom for a W2. Most people don't so it's important to get educated and to unplug from the Matrix. Keep fighting for your freedom everyone.

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