How to build an amazing resume to get a job as a Salesforce professional with Christopher A. Hopper

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Hello guys, I am here with a completely new series which will help you build your resume to get that job as a Salesforce Administrator or as a Developer or as a Consultant or as an Architect, which is exactly what you wanted since the day you started your journey in Salesforce.

This time I am not the only one who will help you do that we have Christopher A. Hopper (CRM Recruiter) as a guest who brings almost 20 years of direct CRM project delivery experience working in functional, technical and managerial roles as an employee/consultant, independent contractor, hiring manager, and career counselor.

Chris now assists clients and candidates with identifying and qualifying Salesforce talent and enjoys speaking with Salesforce professionals around their career growth, marketing themselves effectively, trends in the Salesforce market and providing career advice when needed.

He’s also a very active LinkedIn connector, who enjoys posting and collaborating on various Salesforce technologies, careers, book reviews and “life as a recruiter” topics.

Hope you enjoy the first video that we have on this series there are many more to come, which will help you in your journey to getting a job in the Salesforce ecosystem.


19 thoughts on “How to build an amazing resume to get a job as a Salesforce professional with Christopher A. Hopper

  1. Hi Shrey,
    I am working as Salesforce Developer Internee from 3.5 months in an Off Shore Company . My background is as Java Developer. This Series will be much helpful for the guys who want to build their Career in Salesforce Ecosystem. I really appreciate your efforts. Name for Series i would like to Suggest should be 'Build Your Salesforce Career with HULK '. Thank you

  2. Hi Shreya,

    You are doing a great job with making such videos on important topics & peoples are seriously avoiding this things when they create resume. I think this would be very helpful for everyone. Thanks a bunch man.

    The name of this series should be “journey2Salesforce_with_Hulk”

    I am beginner in salesforce looking for a job in salesforce ecosystems.


  3. Hi shreyas
    Video series name from my side is Resume Building Session.
    I really appreciate the way u r helping the job seekers to get the job.
    Actually i am 2015 passout and from past 3 months i m in salesforce,
    Plz. Guide me. I will be always greatfull to you

  4. Thank you shreya for this resume preparation series, i got 8+ years experience in non-It, but i would like to move to Salesforce now. Already completed administration , development is going on and i didn't find any difficulty in Salesforce by learning, please let me is this good idea? Or isn't it? Please let me know how i have to prepare my resume.

  5. Hey shreya, I am very much interested to watch all the video series. The names I would like to suggest is "learning to recruitment" or "Salesforce learning to recruitment".

  6. Hi shrey, it was one of the best videos on building SF resume. Looking forward on the next videos. I'm Tejas, worked as an UI developer for 12 months and now trying to get on to Salesforce. Now I've already started my trailhead with 20 badges, and attended interviews, I go up to last round and come back. Can you please help me with this. Thanks and regards Tejas

  7. I'm having 6 years of experience in various ERP & CRM Implementation but not particularly in Salesforce. Since last one year I got the opportunity to work with company who use Salesforce on a very proper manner. Afterwords I switch career into the Salesforce ecosystem as Admin cum developer and I started learning Trails but your videos provides superior content and help me a lot to learn a salesforce. I have a Vision to build a awesome career in Salesforce ecosystem. So your series name would be "VisionForce"… And we all rigorously waiting for your series & good luck for your future endeavors….

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