Bitcoin: How to Earn Money with Bitcoins Using and Gcash ( Tutorial)

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Bitcoin: How to Earn Money with Bitcoins Using and Gcash ( Tutorial)

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In this video, I will be teaching you on how you can maximize Bitcoin to earn money. If you’re following my video, you know that I make tutorials for Gcash, Paymaya, PayPal, and anything in between. Now, let’s use them to our advantage and maybe earn some money.

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Before we get started, Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only and I am not responsible for any action you will make after watching this video. Proceed at your own risk.

There are things that we need for this tutorial. First is Gcash, if you still don’t have a Gcash account I have a tutorial for that. Actually, I have a complete playlist of tutorials, just click the card above for how to register to Gcash. The second thing that we need is PayPal. If you still don’t have a PayPal account I also have a tutorial for that. Actually, I have a tutorial for almost everything that I will be needing on this video, just click the link in the description or the card above for how to register to PayPal and the next thing that we need is So yeah, I also have a tutorial for that, just click the link in the description. The next thing is

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17 thoughts on “Bitcoin: How to Earn Money with Bitcoins Using and Gcash ( Tutorial)

  1. I have been using Coinslevel for a while now. It's like coinsgive. Sure you can get about 11% returns to your PayPal account. But as soon as Coinslevel tries to claim "unauthorised" transaction PayPal "freezes" your account and you cannot send/withdraw, until you explain the transaction info to Paypal. I tried to get the information from coinslevel and they still have yet to reply after 3weeks. AVOID COINSLEVEL/COINSGIVE IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT FROZEN!

  2. Nag-invest ako ng 15k everday.. So everyday only 1 transaction which is 15k. Sa nakalipas na mga araw paying sila. But ngayung week hindi sila nag paying in full.. Sa inyo po na sumali ganun din po ba partial payments natatanggap ninyu?

  3. Wag na po kayo mag exchange ng malaking amount wala pong babalik sa inyo. sa kin worth 9K na BTC ang pinasok ko sa Coinsgive. hanggang ngaun wala padin bumabalik sa paypal ko. nung una ok pa kasi maliit lang.

  4. Hi Unbox Solutions!

    I have question po, i'm planning to avail a Paid App from App Store using American Express pwede po ba yun? At second question ko po ay, is it okay na gamitin yung GCash Account ko kahit wala pa po akong Gcash Card?

    Thank you in advance!😊

  5. Bro, paano kaya to nageerror kasi pag oopen ung viewcard sa paymaya? Pero nakapagload na ako ng 500 ayaw lang makuha ng card number para mailagay ko sa payment info ios user ako. Salama tulong boss.

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