Dream Job Series Part 3 of 3 | How To STAND OUT To Get HIRED

Now that got your dream design internship, how do you move up and GET HIRED? In this final part of our “Dream Job” Series, Nicole and Aaron share their thoughts on the “soft skills” that will help design interns STAND OUT in the workplace and be seen as a key player.

There are many layers to having an internship. But it starts with being aware that every day you come into work is a chance to prove your value and to see if you’re a good fit in the lens of your employer. Watch our video as we share the following on how you can STAND OUT to GET HIRED:
02:49 Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills
03:32 Your Internship is a constant interview
04:37 Continue the conversation
06:04 Don’t make it about you
08:02 Have enthusiasm

“Dream Job” Series:
Part 1 – How I Got My Dream Design Job: https://bit.ly/2Z58v0s
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2 thoughts on “Dream Job Series Part 3 of 3 | How To STAND OUT To Get HIRED

  1. I love the emphasis on the intangibles. Hard to teach but definitely some of the most important skills someone can bring to the table. Also, how do you rate their tea?

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