Careers in Marketing – How to Choose a Specialty and Score the Best Salary (2019)

Are you ready to start your digital marketing career and wondering which specialty to focus in? How do you set yourself up to find a great job, and what marketing jobs pay the most? In this video, Eric Siu shares his favorite jobs in marketing and discusses how to get a good salary in marketing. You’ll learn how to get a job in marketing, and the different marketing specialties out there.
Choosing a specialty might make the difference in being able to find high paying positions or having trouble finding opportunities. Setting your 2019 marketing career goals off to a great start can be a game changer in the years to come. Marketing, SEO and paid advertising careers are here to stay, so getting yourself some expertise can set you up for success.

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11 thoughts on “Careers in Marketing – How to Choose a Specialty and Score the Best Salary (2019)

  1. I’m a college student I was gonna do internships before I graduate but I wanted to know if there jobs riding as a content creator and what’s the entry level salary for all three job positions if someone has internships on there resume ? Is marketing a good degree to go into?

  2. Isn't SEO going downhill since in the next few years Google is going to answer queries on the search results page with no need for the searcher to click on external links? (One of the gurus from the SEO world – possibly from Moz – gave a talk on this recently.) I ask because I'm trying to choose between a SEO job, a media buyer job, and a customer success job and fear that SEO is simply going to be irrelevant in a few years as a career, and so I don't want to choose SEO and make a huge mistake!

  3. Awesome as always.
    Yeah I started working for free as well. And still learning about growth design but already starting to have some nice income working for myself 🙂

  4. Great list. Even so, I think there are even more roles or maybe better said, skills, which are expected and nice to have (or must have), especially for top marketers.

    I'm mainly thinking of copywriting, which is probably a universal skill that can help anyone.

    As an idea, I think you might be able to make videos about each one – since as an agency owner you pretty much know what you expect from each member of the team. And possibly look at each one's skillsets, just like you'd have different races in a video game if that rings a bell.

  5. I love working for free…I don't like working for cheap, and I don't like getting paid less for what I did. I prefer working for free instead. That way I learn and build relationships with people I work for!

    As soon as you charge for your services, you're just another freelancer or employee for them. But working for free builds relationships!

  6. We could test a sales person by their closing skill, a project manager with efficiency but how do we measure creative person especially who craft growth hacking strategies for our agency and tests new things?

  7. As seo, we cant guarantee results so what reason could we give when they would ask if you dont guarantee results, why should we INVEST in seo. What would you have given?

  8. I saw you had 3 packages, done for you, done with you and do it yourself. What are those about? Please make a video on that because i didn't saw any other agency using that model

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