How to Answer "What Is Your Biggest Weakness?" in a Job Interview

How to Answer “What Is Your Biggest Weakness?” in a Job Interview
It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be asked this question in any job interview. And that’s because the way you answer it is very telling to the interviewer. They’re asking you about your weakness to for two reasons—to see if you’re self-aware and to make sure your weakness isn’t critical to the organization’s success.
When you answer, you want to spin your weakness in a positive way, also mentioning three key pointers as you go along.
1. Prove that you can do the job.
2. Articulate that you’ll bring results to the company.
3. Show how you’re a great culture fit. (And show off your company research.)
We love this question because it gives you a chance to show that you’re capable of reflecting on your own shortcomings, and that you’re eager to improve them.

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