26 thoughts on “A JOB = JUST OVER BROKE 😭How To Stop Trading Your Time For Money & Get Paid More 💸

  1. And what if you need a doctor ? 😀 i hope not… sick society … what ever you create for others have a value , just need to find the people who want what you sell. If we all sell virtual products, no one will get foods and doctors and stuff… we must share foods and shelter, whom ever wants more, should put effort into what they want … the basic needs for a person to live would not take more than 2 weeks of work / month… the rest is slavery, profit , mind control , capitalism, people whom wants pension, shiny watches, new shoes every year because the old ones are just a bit old… they could die one year after pensioning or because of their unhealthy habits, accidents , side effects of pills , vaccines and so on… you may die tomorrow in an car accident and have millions in the bank, numbers are infinite , what you do for others matters…

  2. I’m planning my exit …taking a leave. I started a you tube channel because I known that’s where I need to start. I want to support others who are in abusive situations or starting over again after. I just don’t know what type of product is needed or what I could create that could help others. Everyday I brainstorm ideas. I’m still st a loss.

    Thank you for your videos. I just found you last week and I’m constantly watching. Good content & great interviews 🙂

  3. I have a job but I'm also a freelance web developer, and although I'm in touch with all these ideas of online businesses, I don't know how to monetize it, even on web development I'm still trading time for money and end up having no time to develop anything for myself. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I've developed a method of learning music at an intermediate to advanced level, based on how the brain develops and remembers skill based activities.
    So far, I've got it working on a spreadsheet, and am applying it to my own development. It works.
    But I'd have to work with a programmer to turn it into something….and then?

  5. Great post. How do I scale knowledge of a trainer/nutrition lifestyle. Go from working with a few clients to 1000 plus online. Focusing on movement, mindset, food plants as well as meat, creating habits instead of fad diet or fad exercise cookie cut routines.

  6. ● Great Advice That I also Preach As I Work On Leaving This Mental Mind Fuck We Were Taught In School , One Foot On A Banana Peel And The Other In A Soup Line ●

  7. I feel my first million is in finding a way to halve sleep time but quadruple the benefits leaving no side effects. I also feel my first billion goes to someone who can invent this first :O

  8. Yes I agree with your point of view… I got out of the job and started out as a marketing consultant… Got my first contract which isn't much but gotta start somewhere right?

    Also I'm working on a side business with a partner so let's hope that works out too..

    Taking a bit more than I can chew but life has never been more exciting for me.. Wish me luck and hopefully one day you can interview me after it's all done 😉

  9. I like this vid.. I love my job. I am in the care Industry and its great to actually help the older generation…i need to now try and find a way to help the those younger folks suffering with the mental suffering of working in the corporate world…

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