Taking Advantage of A Job Well Done

Are you looking to start a career and/or investing in real estate?

If so, you’ll really want to tune into this one. In East Meets West, we (Steve Zalunardo and Hussein Kabani) let you in on our conversation – most would probably call it a debate with the way we talk to one another. We share our very different stories of how we got started in real estate and go on explaining where we are heading.

In episode 19 of East Meets West:

We finally didn’t have a snowstorm on a Wednesday!
This week see the Toronto real estate market continue to be moving along quite nicely with an increase in inventory and continued buyer interest. One thing we did notice is that certain price ranges are moving better than others.

The conversation moves over to working with client expectations (pricing) and why it’s important to set them straight when they don’t line up with ours. You don’t want to be stuck listing for a price your client wants when you know it won’t move at that price, it’s just a waste of time for both parties.

We dive into talking about a rise in bankruptcy which is mostly due to the purchase of pre-construction. There’s a ton of people out there who are way over leveraged and are starting to get in trouble.

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