Hack Your Day Job: How to Double Your Productivity at Work – by Ramit Sethi

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Does this sound like you?: You’ve tried new principles and tactics to get more done, but two weeks later you’re back to square one. It’s because you need to start with the psychology of your situation, not just your actions. Here, you’ll learn a framework to make your 24 hours work harder for you.

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10 thoughts on “Hack Your Day Job: How to Double Your Productivity at Work – by Ramit Sethi

  1. Watched this as part of the DJ course.  

    I'm going to stop worrying about how others do things (and how they tell me I need to do stuff exactly the same as they do), and find what works best for me.

  2. What have people's experiences been like with tracking their productivity; specifically, how often you track, what you track, and how you standardize what you track into a quantifiable metric?

  3. This video succinctly describes one big problem in the world of agile software development: stakeholders treat agile practices as mere tactics. Ramit, you generalise here exactly what I advise my clients: adopt practices with time-bounded scoreboard-led experiments, keep the scoreboard clear and simple, and trust your observations.

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