How much YouTube Pays me and How YouTubers make Money (Showing you my Adsense Earnings)

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In today’s video we’re talking about how much I get paid from Google, how much my AdSense earnings are, how YouTubers get paid, and how YouTubers make money online.

I wanted to create a video with full transparency showing you guys my AdSense earnings in the hopes that it will give you some further insight on how you yourself can earn money on YouTube, earn money through Google AdSense, and build your own online business. We go in depth about the current CPM rates you can earn on AdSense, how to monetize your videos, how to work with sponsors, how to set up affiliate programs so you can start earning money from home, how to create your own blog and website and how YouTubers make money through merch sales.

Everybody wants to be able to create a passive income, and everybody wants to learn how to grow their YouTube channel and to learn the secrets behind making money online and making money through YouTube. YouTube is a great way to make money from home and learning how to correctly monetize your videos to get higher CPM rates and make money from AdSense will enable you to start living the life you’ve always wanted. I myself have used YouTube to generate my own passive income and I hope through this video you gain a deeper understanding into AdSense, affiliate programs, sponsors, how to build your own website, how to make money online and how to make money from YouTube!

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28 thoughts on “How much YouTube Pays me and How YouTubers make Money (Showing you my Adsense Earnings)

  1. That was informative. I knew a lot was involved with You Tube. It takes a lot to build and grow a channel and get the channel out there. I now understand why the vloggers get upset at You Tube and how and why it changes. My question is do you know what commercials appear with your video or a You Tuber's video? It seems you have to be brand savvy or understand marketing.

  2. Thanks so much. I would never be creative enough to do videos; however, I always wondered how one made money from this. Very good info!! You are GREAT in helping others in this area.

  3. Thank you for this! You’ve touched on every point that I’ve been so curious about. People who are looking to start a YouTube channel and want to monetize social media definitely need to watch this video 💯%!

  4. Thank you, it is great to know how things work. I am on the other end, trying to start a new company and wondering how to approach people on how to help promote it.

  5. Bro I wanted to ask here in my country we don’t see the ads but when I turn on the VPN the ads will pop in first of every video in YouTube, is that normal ?? Also ,can this effect the money ? Love u soooo much ❤️

  6. Amazing video! Very helpful! Thank you!

    When I was watching this video I temporarily forgot you are a gay YouTuber lol. And then when talk gay in the middle I started thinking you are hot for being an intelligent gay lol.

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