Why you must concentrate on cash profits!

Learn why the standard GAAP definition of a business profit is too complicated for business owners to use and actually leads to reduced profits.

Here are some free resources for you to help increase cash.
1. Pick up “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz to discover a simple system any business can implement to grow a business concentrating just on your cash balance.

2. Click on this link (https://profitmasters.mykajabi.com/store/YBR9FPzq) to access a free course I have, Turn to Your Customers When You Need Cash Now!

3. Click on this link (https://profitmasters.mykajabi.com/store/esox55ut) to purchase my online course Finding the Cash Hiding in Your Business! This is a low-cost option if you are serious about quickly eliminating your business cash flow problems.
C’mon over to the Small Business Profit Maximizer Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BusinessProfitMaximizer/ where I am sharing business profit maximizing moments that you can use to quickly increase you can double, triple or even 10X your bottom line while creating a more hassle free business. Be sure to like the page and follow it so you will be notified when I am live and can ask questions live..

Be sure to check out my blog, “Small Business Profit Maximizer!” Where I share these videos and other ideas you can use to make this your most profitable year ever! Click https://wjb-cpa.typepad.com/ to go to the blog page. .

As a gift to you for watching and following my videos, go to https://profitmasters.mykajabi.com to access the following free courses that will help you increase profits and your bank account balance:
• Double Your Business Profits in 30 Days!
• Turn to Your Customers When You need Cash Now!
Finally, if you have a question or wish to talk to me you can email me at Wayne@wjb-cpa.com or call my office at 915-857-8158. .
Thanks so much and let’s make this our most profitable ever!


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