Exactly How I Make $8500 Per Month From Amazon FBA

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How’d you like to learn exactly how I make $8500 per month from Amazon FBA?

Over the last year or so, I’ve been focused on building my Amazon FBA business called Life Mastery Nutrition.

I haven’t had much time to focus on it unfortunately. As you can probably imagine, I’ve got A LOT going on. It’s not easy running multiple businesses, so things were a bit stagnate for awhile, but things started to pick up when I put a bit more focus into it and hired someone to help operate the business part-time.

Life Mastery Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company currently selling 3 products on Amazon. Last year, I published a video blog on how I was making $2500 per month from my Amazon FBA business and a lot of people have been interested in another update.

My goal this year is $10,000 a month and I’m really close to that. Oftentimes I find that the beginning stage of a business is the toughest but once you get to a certain point, things just scale up and start to grow a lot faster.

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36 thoughts on “Exactly How I Make $8500 Per Month From Amazon FBA

  1. Before sending a bulk to amazon's warehouse from the suppliers, should we send a sample to amazon so they can inspect the product first??? I don't know where I got this idea from.. I feel Like I heard it in a video but this question is really holding me back from starting

  2. Hi Stefan – I've been pulling up your products on amazon and using the FBA calculator extension to show your estimated sales, but its only showing 1 unit per month….are you still generating income off of your supplements? Thanks!

  3. By selling a product with your own name on it, do you have any product liability insurance? What if one of your products causes a severe health condition where that person now, wants to sue you.

  4. I enjoyed this video, thank you for all the information you provided. This is my first video and and ill be seeing more of you. I just subscribed a couple days go. Thank you

  5. When it comes to dropshipping how do you apply the 'We' aspect. What I mean is usually people who run these business are solo (am I wrong?) So do you have a hired team? If so how do I create that?

  6. Hello stephan,
    Thank you i really enjoyed your video and have been inspired to began working out and working on myself as well as spending way more time toward working on my amazon fba business. I think i speak for every amazon seller when i say youve been sorta like a leader to us all, someone to look up to and learn from. Thanks again Stephan. Keep inspiring!

  7. Hey Stephan just subscribed love your work!  I'm am pretty close to getting started with Amazon FBA but would like to be a part of a forum to bounce ideas off of others.  I saw that Amazing Selling Machine is no longer running.  Where can I find a forum of users to use as a mastermind group?Thanks!

  8. Hey, just found your channel! Its great, thanks for inspiring.
    QUESTION: on Alibaba i'm having trouble finding a specific product that doesn't already have a brand name on it from the trade company. I've only found a couple sources on Alibaba that are manufactures (vs trade companies) but they only sell incomplete versions. this has been the case for various different products I've thought of. Should I only proceed when I find a source that can place my brand on the product. Thanks for all the great videos.

  9. Hi Stefan,
    There are so many videos out there to the point it gets confusing. I really like the way you are explaining things in your video. However, do you have a complete series of videos, like 1-10 or something for someone looking to start selling on FBA. Lastly, how tough is it to do it from a country like Pakistan. Cheers

  10. Stefan, I private label my own supplement but I am having a issue with getting ungated in health and beauty category. I believe I have the right documentation and website but continue to get denied. my goal is to sell on Amazon but for now I have to sell using ecommerce. any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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