Work from Home with Me | Self Care for Debt Fatigue

Hi, I’m Keisha Delva, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist who is on a debt free journey. Today, I show you a peek of what my day is like at my work from home job. I also talk about the importance of self care to combat debt fatigue.

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3 thoughts on “Work from Home with Me | Self Care for Debt Fatigue

  1. I plan to enjoy life more. I resign from my second job my first job is fiscal an can be a lot. My body did good up to 3 yrs then I let it go. So now I'm budgeting on one income but love coming straight home.

  2. To help combat stress and debt fatigue I've adopted the following:
    1. "2 for 2"…for every two months of work I take an additional two days off and tack it on to my weekend…
    2. Mani/pedis are a line item in my budget every month…that hour of pampering every 30 days is like a break from it all…
    3. I try to exercise @ least 3x/week
    4. Practice gratitude and spiritual meditation…
    5. Find free activities to do in my city…it's good to get out every now and again and if its free then why not…

    I hope that once I'm debt free I can travel more, invest more and give more and stress a heck of alot less…😅

    Thank u 4 sharing…we all have to take this journey one day at a time…God bless and enjoy!!!

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