Share Market for Beginners | Stock Market Basics | How to Make Money from Share Market?

Share Market Basics | Stock Market for Beginners | How to Make Money from Share Market | What is Stock Market | Share Market Investment | How to invest in stock market ?

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This video is a requested video which includes our expert suggestions on how share market works and how one can make money from it. It is for all investors who are either planning their entry in the stock market and even the ones who are already investing in it.

Share market is a place to buy or sell a company’s shares. One can invest in the companies of their interest depending on the growth perspectives and earn huge wealth from it. This investment is often compared to gambling, and this is one of the prominent reasons why people fear losing money in the investment avenue. This video will help you to know the truth behind the stock market investment.

Besides it, the two methods of investing in the share market are discussed briefly which include trading and investing. Investing in the share market is a process where investment is made after proper analysis of the companies for a long-term. For the fundamental analysis, a proper investigation should be carried out before investing which includes the study of a company’s business model, promoters’ vision, and management. Finally, analysis of the company’s financial statements and projection of correct valuations are also a few vital steps. Stock market investment offers two growth in two ways, one in the form of capital appreciation and another in the form of a dividend. Even investing is further divided into two, depending on the type of investor. First one includes investors who study stocks from different companies and select the best ones by making a portfolio out of it. And the second one includes people who rely on experts for a custom-made portfolio and invest as per their suggestions. Mutual fund investment is one method to invest in stocks of various companies, which are selected by experienced fund managers. To invest in mutual funds, perform these critical steps:

1. Assessment of risk
2. Selection of the best mutual funds as per your requirement
3. Analysis of the performance of the selected funds

In the other half of the video, the trading method has been explained briefly covering the types of trading and methods to trade in order to obtain maximum benefit. Some tips and tricks are also shared time to time by the host so that our viewers can successfully make the most from their trade.

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