How To Make Millions From Mobile Apps & Build An App Empire With Chad Mureta


Want to find out how to build an app empire that can make you millions with mobile apps?

Chad Mureta, founder of App Empire and co-founder of the #1 most downloaded Emoji app, joins me today in an exclusive 40-minute interview to share his story and secrets.

Chad has a powerful story about how he started his first mobile app, laying in critical condition in a hospital bed after a severe accident. Chad knew nothing about the mobile app industry at the time, yet has now generated millions of dollars from the apps that he sells in the app store.

Not only that, but Chad has spearheaded the development of over 300 mobile apps, which have been downloaded over 160 million times worldwide.

Today Chad helps people start their own lifestyle business through leveraging technology and mobile apps with App Empire.

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29 thoughts on “How To Make Millions From Mobile Apps & Build An App Empire With Chad Mureta

  1. Thanks, Stephan- Very Helpful Interveiw!

    Hi I am Joe from Germany, I like to start A New Project, where I can learn to realise My App idea from the Start and Savly Transfer it to the Market!

    "What specially I can learn from Your App Empire Course?"

    A) Do You teach an easier way of coding by Yourself or show a follow up System on finding – creating the right team / Developers around Yourself and Generate a Profitable System?

    a) For example, how to find an Expert Developer / How to Present Your App Idea without losing it?"

    B) How to Hire for an Ideal price an Skilled Android Expert, who can Help to realise the App Idea!

    I Wish to find Answers for Start and want to chatt with Chad Mureta for a Clear idea of his Vision and See if his App Empire Course is right for Me!

    When will is Course be Online? How can I Contact and Test Chad Mureta – App Empire Course, Thanks? Juli 28, 2016

  2. Hey is this one on one coaching or a course that is being offered? and how much is need to make the app and market the app? Also when do we start getting return on investment?

  3. I was wondering, when the "App Empire" was released in 2012, there was 400.000 apps on Apple app market. Nowadays there are 1.5M app. My question is : Is the market not oversatured at the moment?

  4. It's cool how many opportunities there are towards making money and growing ideas. Creating content and developing an idea is a very fulfilling thing to do. Especially when it adds value to others. Great video!

  5. Hi! I've been following your videos but have a few questions. Doesn't have anything to do with this video so I would like to contact you somehow and have some questions about selling on Amazon. Thanks!

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