20 Reasons Why Most People FAIL To Build A Successful Online Business

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WHY do people struggle and fail to build a successful online business?

Is it because of a lack of information? Money? Time? Resources?

NO! From my experience, the reasons why people fail to be successful in their business has nothing to do with any RESOURCES… it’s more of a lack of RESOURCEFULNESS.

Your psychology and mindset is going to determine your success more than ANYTHING.

After working with thousands to help build their own online businesses, I’ve seen all the patterns of success and failure.

I’ve worked with people that have gone on to make millions of dollars online… others that have made thousands and been able to quit their jobs, create more freedom… and then also many that have struggled, failed and given up.

It makes me ANGRY when people fail, as I work so hard to help people create success in their lives.

I recorded this video blog to help PREVENT people from failing in their pursuit to building an online business, but also to motivate and inspire you to KEEP GOING.

Watch this video and IDENTIFY the biggest things that are stopping you. I list 20 of the most common reasons why most people fail to build a successful online business that I’ve observed over the years.

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40 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why Most People FAIL To Build A Successful Online Business

  1. Thank you for this encouraging video. I use to have a "shiny object syndrome", flitting from one thing to the next but always back to Amazon and now I've met FBA and am learning to have a different mindset without the limitations that so often plagued me. Your video confirmed to me that I was on the right track. I'm in it for the long haul, no shiny object syndrome. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Hey Stefan your insights and knowledge are inspiring.
    I turn 50 in July, I live in Sydney Australia and I feel like my life is just beginning
    Thanks for your passion and willingness to share it.
    Scott E

  3. Hello Stefan , I am a 20 year old guy that wants to succeed very well in life.. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about me, my parents have always been very hard working people but they've also been very innocent, my mom's family side has stole from her to a point she wasn't able feed her kids or give her kids the basics in life that they need to succeed, I was young so I didn't know what my parents were going thru but now I do at age of 20 I realized that my parents came from Portugal 4 years ago with nothing but luggage in their hands , and came to the US to * try * and give their kids a " better life.. right now it's still a process going .. but I believe that you can't waist no time in life, I don't have much .. I work as a barista right now .. I barely make any money .. it's frustrating .. I wanna be able to give back to my parents , show them that they did something right .. as i said , I don't have much but I have the passion and the strength , I am very dedicated.. if I wanna succeed I will succeed . I will be successful.

  4. The reason you are so liked is cause you sound genuine and it shows that you truly care and want to help others through your experience..great job..please continue what you are doing and be the way you are …never change..!!

  5. I cried a little bit to this video. For real Stef I used to see you as a older brother but now I see you as an older version of myself. Everything you just everything you just said like your talking to me directly. Like you made it for me!!! Even on your why and the reasons for doing it.

    Thanks for the message it makes it sync in deeper hearing you say it thanks bro!

  6. Thanks dude this really helped out im 100k in debt from seminars and business coaching and havent given up and wont ether its been tough. But i know i can have a better life if i just dont stop one day will be my day. thanks again i appreciate you.

  7. Hi! I've been watching motivational stuff for few years now but I always found a "reason" why I shouldn't do something etc, but this summe, actually few days ago, I found one of your videos and somehow this time I had like a wake-up call, and I realized what I was doing wrong, I've had a change of mentality- I believe I'm enough, I believe I can do this and I'm not going to wait until something big will come around (how's that gonna happen sitting on couch? 😀 ) I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!
    Long story short- Thank You!

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