21 thoughts on “How to get a job without experience (2019)

  1. I'am 14 years old
    For me i do think that
    I can really help my parents if i become a soldier since it is my families journey(both mother and fathers side)

    But in my self..i love being in front of my gadgets, i love learning about the system,
    I love exploring applications, i love fixing our laptop/phones when troubleshooting,
    I love it when someone asks me if i could help them fix their gadget
    (not technically..i don't want to be a technician..i want to be a software engineer)
    I love learning an doing something that includes computer and technology
    (because it makes a lot of difference than others…i our class they call me "future IT"
    Hacking srsly helped me out.
    Its just being wise
    Example :
    You hacked a wifi..the good thing is that..you can access the internet without even buying or paying.
    I just love being with what i love, what i know and what i want.

    Also In our class, I'm the editor, camerawoman and the director when we're filming.
    Aside from being a software engineer, i want to be a vfx editor or a director of a Hollywood movie. They told me that I'm good at it…and i love it. I wanna enhance with that skill because it stands me out

    My third option is to be an accountant…still using computer and technology.
    But being a grade 9 student
    I Don't like maths…i love learning about codes and i wanna learn about computer languages..it's somewhat special because not all people can read it. But i want to work on a office thats why i want to be an accountant.

    Can someone help me to choose the right job for me in the future?

  2. The site is a lot different from your video.

    "I’m sure you might have noticed that the remote job board isn’t available anymore. Unfortunately, we made the decision to remove that feature until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience. However, to get the best information about going remote check out The Remotise Podcast (available anywhere you get your podcasts). Thanks again for all your support!"

  3. Having trouble finding a job as a computer engineer. Almost every company expects you to be very experienced outta college , many ask technical questions that’s either too in depth or ask something that you learned years ago … many company’s just don’t hire just got great learner or potential

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