The 12 Keys to Finally Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing + Live Q&A

In this video I talk about the 12 keys to help you finally make money online with affiliate marketing.

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33 thoughts on “The 12 Keys to Finally Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing + Live Q&A

  1. This is the kind of video that makes me want to unsubscribe. Why? Because 4 minutes and 20 seconds in I'm still waiting for you to start talking about the subject we tuned in to watch. I won't unsubscribe today because I believe you're the best but making us watch four and a half minutes of you saying hi to people is a good way to lose people. Still love your work though. 🙂

  2. Dan, what if you did these live streams, then had them condensed into a shorter video later? My issue with the live streams is that because they're so long and contain lots of dead space and irrelevant discussion, my attention wanders and as a result I actually learn less from them.

  3. Hello Dan !!! i am a new beginner to affiliate marketing. I am learning from you and others. However, i have a question. this question might be a little funny . It is to do with websites . When a person founds a product how can you get the company let you use the product on your website ??? is there a process when you are a beginner ??? for example, i will probably not get into Televisions. However, let's say i am trying put a new website up saying this tv is awsome. a lot of cool things about the tv . However, it a tv from some company like target might want know if you using their product ?? can you create a website with hostgator and start putting the product even if they hadn't look at before or after ?? How does this work ?? Does hostgator let's target know or target confirm your website without getting sued by target ?? I know companies what know what is your website a head of time !!! They ask with if you doing
    their affiliate marketing program. Let me know what process a person has to go into with the product and website . Sorry for the long question !!! i hope that you can understand my questions . Thank you for you help and your information.

  4. Hey Dan I just purchased your program!! Watched a lot of your youtube stuff and i think you are a genuine guy !! I know I can do this shit ! Just need a few pointers so here goes .

    Ps . I will be recording my process as I go along and this will be going out as a testimonial to you .

  5. I just bought the system about 4 days ago. I have went through the training as an over view, I work a 2 day on 2 day off schedule so next I will be following and doing the steps as I go through it. I will keep you posted

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  7. Just an FYI. The problem with live streams is not only their length but the fact that they do not generate transcripts. As a result, my watch time on a number of channels has significantly decreased. For example, I can watch eight focused five minute videos on YouTube in the time it would take to watch this live stream. This not a criticism of you or a commentary on the quality or value of your content.

  8. Dan…great videos. No doubt you are a super hard worker. With Amazon the customer is never ours though, correct? So..there would be no chance to upsell on something else. Is everything just a one-shot deal?

  9. Been floating in the background for a while now and I thought at my age (56) my prospects were rather slim. Made redundant after 20 years as a management consultant, pissed off with living on a motorway (lots of driving) and although I set up a fiverr gig, which is ok, my goal is to have an income, passive is never really passive and I have no problem with that. So I just wanted to say having looked at many, many videos, websites and everything else to make your head spin and give you a learning curve steep enough to launch a shuttle from, I'm still hanging in there. For me (I know nothing about all this stuff) but then who does when they start. I guess for me the biggest hurdle is a mental one, learning to remind myself it is a journey of discovery (with profit of course) not just about "how to…" but how we handle the learning steps, unfortunately some people call them "setbacks." I am currently on the "Writing my first article" having followed your Deadbeat Super Affiliate program having done everything else to the letter (wow long-tailed keywords are my new friend) to be honest (I like the detective bit too locating LTKW's.
    Anyway just wanted to say thank you sir, I will be continuing with this and put as much effort in as is required (it is my future not my present I am investing in). Great advice, well presented (wash the socks) and I like your dry humor, keep up the great work, will keep you posted. Thank you.

  10. Dan. I purchased my mane as my blog domain. All i want to do is create a personal development site thats filled with different affiliate links. For the next 90 days I will create FB videos and other written content for my blog. Is this a feasible idea? What would/wouldn't do?

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