Soft skill Trainer Careers – How to become a soft skill trainer?, Eligibility

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Of late, soft skills have emerged as a tool with enough power to make or break your career. Soft skills is an umbrella term which includes communicative skills, listening skills, team skills, Leadership quality, creativity and logic, problem solving skills, diplomacy and change readiness, among others.
Soft skills are generally gifted and cannot be learnt from a book, but if you really want to ingrain soft skills into your personality, you have to become a keen observer, an eager learner and an assiduous workman religiously putting to practice all that you have learnt.
Here are a few soft skills which may help you improve your career prospects and enhance your personality as a whole:
Effective Communication Skills which include oral Skills for public speaking, presentations, negotiating, conflict resolutions, knowledge-sharing; Writing Skills for preparing reports, proposals, instruction manuals, writing memos, notices.
Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills : Interpersonal and teamwork skills contribute to higher productivity and better environment as people work together to reach common goals. This skill has four dimensions namely—Cooperation, Communication, Work Ethic and Leadership.
Personal Skills : Personal skills are those skills which make you not only acceptable and respectable in society and at the work place but also help you in getting a good job and better career growth. They include ability to make decision, Alertness, Assertiveness, Attention to details, calmness, Commitment, Cooperation,
Problem-Solving and Other Cognitive Skills : To deal with stresses, we need to develop some skills which may help you in making decisions, developing creative and innovative solutions, developing practical solutions, showing independence and initiative in identifying problems and solving them, applying a range of strategies to problem-solving, applying problem-solving strategies across a range of areas.
Adaptability and Work Ethics : An employer requires a whole set of skills to develop adoptability like communicating across cultures, getting along with others in a multi-cultural work environment
Work ethic is a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character of the employer or any individual. A work ethic may include being reliable, having initiative or maintaining social skills. Apart from that a sense of responsibility, honesty and commitment may also be included in it.
Career Prospects of a Soft Skill Trainer
Most of the organizations are now providing their employees the training of soft skills in order to improve their positive communication, interpersonal and team skills, problem solving, adoptability, and work ethics. This in turn has a very positive impact on their business and personal lives on one hand and increases the productivity of the organization on the other. So after completing a course in soft skills, one can get a job of a soft skill trainer in any of private or public organization and earn a handsome salary.
Though there are a number of institutes that are offering courses in soft skills, here are a few institutes who organize short term course for soft skill training:
• Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
• Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
• Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
• National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training Chandigarh
• National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training Kolkata
• National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training Bhopal
How to get in to this job?
As such there are no said qualifications to enter in this job area. Any individual who is interested and have the confidence to enter in to this area can build a successful career in this area. The minimum eligibility criterion is a graduation degree in any discipline. But on the other hand, if there is a graduation in social sciences, arts or humanities etc it will be more desirable.
After completing the course, one can get a job in any public or private organization, educational institute, or can set his own training centers. Initially, the trainer can earn somewhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month which increases over the years.

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