Perfect study plan and motivation to get Govt job without joining any coaching..

The question which comes in every aspirants mind that is coaching necessary for cracking govt. exams for this purpose Raja Sir is discussing the detailed analysis of self study and coaching Raja sir is discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both main advantage of self study is that you get enough time for self study. You get comfortable environment. You eat good food, you stay healthy. There is lots of money spent in coaching (i.e. rent, food, coaching). It is saved by self study. you don’t waste energy ongoing coaching, coming back, so you feel energetic and study well. But in coaching you get better guidance by experienced faculties. By this you can prepare proper strategy for study. In coaching you interact with other students so you can learn things which they know and you don’t know. you are able to do proper revisions and you get enough material to practice questions. You get competitive environment. which helps you in pushing yourself. You get well researched study material, so you don’t need to waste energy on finding study material but keep in mind that there are very few coaching who work on study materials. So each watching doesn’t provide proper study material. We have discussed advantages of both. Now let’s discuss disadvantages of both. In self study on starts daydreaming and does not study properly In you do well study then you waste a lot of time in finding strategies to crack the exam., You do irregular study. It is quite hard to stay motivated. In coaching
There is all of money is spent and it’s a lot. But you can overcome these disadvantages. Try to maintain self discipline. clear your concepts/basics. Do proper time management and be true to yourself study according to that time management. Regular assess yourself you can do is bs giving mock test regularly. and proper analyzing of that test. solve miscellanea any questions. Because if you will solve questions of only one topic. You will start forgetting previous topics. So practice of miscellaneous questions is important. Now you need proper study flow to cracking the exam. Make someone Guru. Who motivates you and guide you. But be cleaver in finding Guru and be sure knows how to crack the exam for prepare you should prepare exam curriculum and on the basis of that you need to prepare your study plan. 30 min morning work is necessary. Give proper mock tests ahead you start studying then give one test a week after that when exam is near, give one test daily but proper analysis in at most important. Then you should know how to learn a chapter. fist learn concepts, then practice at least 500 Question per chapter then rectify your mistakes, and solved again and once you are clear in your concepts work on solving question in lesser time. If you follow these steps then you will surely crack the exam. These will be time you will feel demotivated and if you are able to gain motivation inthat period then you come one step closer to success. So follow these steps and believe in your ‘Guru’ and you will be successful one day for sure. Before start studying you need to research on various things Five syllabus Pattern, Mark distribution of topics, cutoff is sectional or not. then collect your study material. Don’t choose books which contain tough questions, you will need able to clear your books by reading those and books are only for reference only. Do proper analysis of previous year’s questions and put more RM phases on Topics which are either your weak point or contain more weightage prepare yourself mentally and physically and study hard (100 hours a week). Don’t study for a long time study so Ming and then take 10 min break and prepare only for one exam, make one exam your aim. In SSC, math and English contains lion’s share, so your basics and concepts in math and English should be extremely clear. make your notes work on your memory power. take inspiration from success stories of selected students. Take powernaps in long hours study. the most important thing in preparing exam is Revision. Us thorough and multiple revisions and don’t compromise with your sleep. and have balanced diet. Become without a healthy body you con not give your 100 percentage. Do meditation. It will drastically improve your concentration and self control.

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50 thoughts on “Perfect study plan and motivation to get Govt job without joining any coaching..

  1. मैं खुद को बहुत ही भाग्यवान समझता हूं जो आपके मार्गदर्शन में, सानिध्य में पढ़ने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ। आपकी और मैम की मेहनत का ही नतीजा है कि हमारे बैच के 80%से अधिक students select हुए और आज देश के हर कोने में अपनी सेवाएं दे रहे है। आपको और मैम को सादर नमन।

  2. Thanx sir mock test analysis par video jarur banana…. जो धेर्यता का पाठ पढ़ाये
    वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाये

    संकट में जो हँसना सिखाये
    वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाये

    पग-पग पर परछाई सा साथ निभाये
    वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाये

    जिसे देख आदर से सिर झुकजाये
    वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाये.

  3. Sir kishi ka to Ni pata main guru manta Ni hu aap mere guru ho kyoki Jo aapse sikha hai vo kahi Ni shikh paya thanx sir g you come and Chang my life than very much sir aapka ashirwad he chahiye jishse main aapne or Ghar walo k dreams pure ker chuku..

  4. Sir, मैं Jitendra kumar belongs to Jehanabad(Bihar). मैने आपको Guru jee मान लिया हूँ। और आपका class करना चाहता हूँ

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