College Graduates and Their Struggle for Jobs

This video is a simple attempt to inform college students, like myself, of the 10 worst majors you could possibly have and the ways to beat the odds of unemployment to actually get a job after graduating. 🙂
Please ignore my attempts to be humorous.


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  1. Get a part-time job before graduating to kick-start your resume. Don't go into graduate school unless you intend to get a Ph.D. for a teaching job. Don't get into debt in grad school if you will chose this route. Get a job during the day & go to school in the evening & take online courses for credit. I repeat, do not get into debt!

  2. I call BS on your 2nd tip. I got my MBA in Finance and still no job. They still want 2 years of experience for an entry level position like WTF?! College is a waste of time and money, if you know somebody who knows somebody then you're set. Remember people it's not how much you know but who you know that's gonna get you a nice good paying job.

  3. Best tip don't go to college go for something that requires less schooling and still pays good money, and then invest your money and open up your own business

  4. This is a really great and positive message for college students. I love the tips you had, especially the persistence bit, that is absolutely vital to succeeding. Thank you for sharing this, God love ya.

  5. This is why I keep telling people, just get a milled or even a fake degree+transcripts online. No need to piss away years of life and thousands of $$$ on a worthless scrap of paper.
    Just remember not to overblow your credentials. Pick one of the many worthless subjects i.e English lit, Philosophy, Whatever studies and there you go. The market has become so oversaturated with college graduates that it's got to the point where even a Bachelor's degree has become a glorified high school diploma.  
    You could most likely pass it off as legit. Considering the oversaturation of degrees and nowadays HR managers tend to focus primarily on credit/criminal background checks.

  6. I was a Economics graduate at John Jay College. It took me 4-5 years after graduation to finally land a full time time and it had absolutely nothing to do with my major.

  7. If you look at the history of higher education, it was never designed to get people jobs and had nothing to do with money. Originally, people went to university to learn more about something they were passionate about; and it just so happened that these people made excellent fits for jobs in the field they studied. In 2016, people are only going to college to get a job and care nothing about what they're doing or learning and only have money in mind. Employers are smart, and quickly pick up on the fact that people are going to college to get employment and those are the people they do not want to hire. If you are mad about not landing a job after getting a degree you should never have went to college in the first place.

  8. Networking is hard in college. When you are in college, everyone you know is either a college student or a professor. These are not the kind of people who can help you land a job after graduation. Your 22 year-old buddy does not have 10 to 15 years professional experience and the background to point you towards the right direction. Networking comes into play once you have established a few years professional experience and personally know other experienced professionals. Also, looks play an important role. This girl would be able to find a job much more easily than I can. She is pretty. I am ugly. Pretty people have far more opportunities than ugly people.

  9. Your first problem is trying to get a high paying job out of college. You need to go work at Pizza Hut or Wal-Mart. Get to know people because it doesn't matter what you know but WHO you know.

  10. Wow! I clicked on this video by chance as I was curious about the title. Just when I was about to click away you mentioned tip #1. Earlier today I came to the realization that if I want to secure a job after college I will have to get some experience in my desired field before I graduate. Which is why I decided I'm going to take out some school loans to focus on my senior year in school and get either part time job or an internship before I graduate to get my foot in the door as you say.

    The funny thing is that my degree is in the top 5 employed and paid degrees and I already work full time as a retail manager. My degree is in finance with a minor in stats. Even we worry about job prospects after graduation as its very competitive out there. I think you nailed it perfectly with your tips.

    I hope things are working out well for you. Please post an update to this video on your career situation. Best of luck and thank you for the advice.

  11. I completely disagree ,  It is not about knowing people and networking.

    This is coming from a Recruitment consultant. Regardless of whether you're from , UK or US, there is a strange notion that after graduation from University would result in to the entire market place owing you a living.
    Employers and people like me are sales people and look for a balance between experience and education and I would rather respond to a candidate who has had any similar form of prior working experience pertaining with his/her Degree rather then referring a graduate candidate to one of my clients with no prior experience pertaining with his/her Degree and then to have my clients ring me up and laugh at me. This would result in no-sale for the Recruiter because most employers wont simply hire such candidates. Even if you don't have a Degree you can still easily win over any graduate, as long as you also have acquired prior working experience pertaining with your education status and the role which applied for. 

    My advice to anyone who is looking to go to University is this: Opt for a part-time course and find a part- time based job which is pertaining with the Degree you have chosen. I told my mates little sister to study her Real Estate and Management Degree on a part-time basis and find part-time employment as a Trainee sales negotiator in a Real Estate firm and that's exactly what she did. Right now, she is an employed Chartered Surveyor and is netting quite alright for herself every year. Although It took her 5 years instead of 3 years to graduate but nonetheless, she found her dream job because her prior experience in the Property sector added significant amount of weight to her Degree.

  12. Why the hell would ANYONE wants to have a job in the states?? Be an entrepreneur. Hire yourself. Give yourself a job. Nobody ever bought a mansion on a salary. If you believe in your own abilities than stand by it.

  13. Regina Bonfiglo, why don't go into modelling? Becoming a model is your best employment opportunity. All you did in college was waste your time and money on a worthless degree that you'll never use.

    Become a model. Seriously. Go into a modelling agency and say that you want to do modelling work.

  14. You are right you have to network and move to a city where the jobs are where they are desperate for candidates. I noticed all the job opportunities are so abundant and available in the city I left and scarce or difficult to get into where i moved even if you have the best training and experience. 

  15. None of this advice really helped me in my fruitless efforts. 1. Networking: While networking may get your foot in the door, no amount of it will make up for the years of technical/hard skills employers are (which I wish I knew this before) looking for. 2. Offering up your services/volunteering pro bono is pretty much illegal, and companies don't want to even pay minimum wage for people to get experience needed to land career in the future. 3. Other people giving up isn't a viable option to rely on. With so many people, and so few position openings, employers will always, ALWAYS have the power to pick and choose the top candidates for even the lowest paying entry level positions. Other people may give up, but if you have a Bachelors Degree, chances are you're competing with so many others that hold Master's Level Degrees. If you have a Master's level Degree, you will be competing with people who have PHD's, and so on and so forth. 4. Staying persistent didn't work for African Americans seeking out civil rights, they needed a leader, and they needed to force the issue to win their rights. What we need is a voice, and DRASTIC change to our broken education system. We need a standard Universities must adhere to in order to promote career focused programs, not useless general degrees. What we need, is to find a way to bridge the gap from higher education to employment, not continuous "Just keep trying" advice. That's NOT WORKING.

  16. Dumb idiots commenting on her looks. You guys have the attention span of a walnut. Also people saying because she's cute she can land a job. Is that what our fucking country has come to? Good looking people getting jobs over others?

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