Can You Make Money Selling Books on eBay?

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Do you want to start making money selling books on eBay? In this video we discuss the opportunities available to selling on eBay and why you need to start selling used books on eBay.

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35 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Selling Books on eBay?

  1. I was at a garage sale when I was younger before I really became a seller and I found a book that appeared to have gold edging. Turns out doing research when I got back home it was 14k brushed! It looked old and I’m extremely thankful for American Pickers because they are who initially inspired me to get started reselling! It ended up selling for $179 back in 2010 🙌💜

  2. Thank you for this great information! I am just getting started supplementing my art work sales by selling books on Ebay, and I feel that I have just learned a lot more. Love your knowledge and enthusiasm!

  3. The fees to sell a book are expensive, around 7 to 9 dollars per book on Amazon plus shipping and cost of good it can quickly eat up your profit. Als if you do FBA and the books don't sell quickly you are going to get hit with the monthly storage fees.

  4. How do I start getting sales on eBay as a new seller? Do I have to price my items way lower than everyone else? I have zero feedback because I am literally brand new but your comment on that zero feedback seller broke my heart lol help!

  5. Sweet Pickle books. Holy moly. A blast from the past that made me feel old when it was unfamiliar to people I assumed were close to my age. Haha. I’m 41. That’s not old, just gently used condition :). You should look up a tv commercial for Sweet Pickle books. I always wanted the Sweet Pickle Bus to deliver books to me. Didn’t happen for me in nowhere Texas. There are still some existing emotional scars from that ….. (please read the previous with a sarcastic tone). Thanks for the videos and sharing your knowledge

  6. I’ve had amazing luck buying beautiful book collections at local auctions for dollars. The regular auction audience in my area isn’t interested and I can get great box lots of art books, gardening books and craft books for $2 a lot.

  7. I inherited a collection of Will James & GA Henty books, everybody else in my family thought Uncle Ray was just a loon buying them, they wouldn’t be worth anything, etc. I’ve sold dozens of them so far on eBay and Etsy. (eBay is better, trial and error) from $20-$100 each. Easy, plus book shipping is particularly cheap and hassle free!

  8. Books over $25 or so usually work out about even on Eb vs Az. I usually list them all first on Az because it is quick and easy. No pics/Desc necessary. Then when I have time I'll go back and take scans/ photos and cross list them to Eb for a few bucks less since the fees are less. Az has more book traffic so they can sell faster, but Eb can often sell for a higher price especially on rare niche stuff like 19th century, crafts or large art books if you're willing to wait for the right buyer.

  9. Just make it simple Ebay is the second marketplace in the world. Got it? Listing products on Ebay brings more views, more exposure! And you get the money the same day on Ebay.

  10. I've sold antique books successfully on Ebay. They are not always hot sellers. Still, if you are willing to wait a few months, you can make a large profit. Amazon's fees really cut into profit margins for books and make some books unprofitable. Ebay is the way to go IMHO.

  11. Sold June 25, an unused comic book poster…$1,000,000 is this potentially money laundering? I've sold quite a few books on ebay but move more units on FBA. Awesome video. Thank you Steve for keeping us on track and challenged.

  12. Hi Steve. I do sell lots of books on Amazon. One possible correction on something you said about which item to sell under on Amazon, although I do agree sometimes just to pick the lowest rank. However, some books do have multiple versions. In such cases, the first thing I do is to check the ISBN number for the listing first. If there are multiple listings with the same ISBN, which there shouldn't be, then I would list under the lowest rank.

  13. I regularly do some pretty decent little flips with books on eBay. Where I live there's some good spots to get dollar books, 2 dollar books. Just stay away from fiction, unless it's rare or vintage, classics, etc.

  14. Book and magazine lots are my #1 seller on eBay. Anytime I see more than 5 of the same author I buy them up and that's an easy auction. Books that would never scan for anything or sell on their own.

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