Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business

Your parents probably told you that starting a business is risky. Well, things are changing. Now, starting a business is arguably safer than getting a job – here’s why
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Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business
0:28 – Getting a traditional job is risker than starting a business
0:49 – Getting hired doesn’t give you job security, starting a business does.
2:32 – The amount of money you can make from your job with the rising cost of living vs. income potential from your business
3:56 – The option for freedom when you have a job vs start a business
5:12 – What if your business fails
5:34 – The cost to start a business vs. getting a job
7:41 – How much money you get to keep when you start a business vs. get a job

What Is The Minority Mindset?
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you’re from. It’s a mindset.

Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000.

Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that’s the Minority Mindset. Don’t be the majority. #MIH #ThinkMinority #Entrepreneurship

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28 thoughts on “Why Getting a Job Is RISKIER Than Starting A Business

  1. Or you could become a engineer and make over 100k out of college? , I don’t think you realize that if everyone starts a business, then there will be way to much competition to even think about starting a business , it’s all about supply and demand , jobs and business must work together , can’t just have one and not the other lol , also more than 90% of businesses fail, but more than 90% of doctors engineers or lawyers are making more than 100k a year with benefits , the goal is just to make yourself invaluable , if your such a good engineer and so intelligent you can’t be replaced , guess what? They can’t replace you lol

  2. so much BS. As a company you have to compete against the entire world too. The second you pay yourself a wage you also pay taxes on your income if you reinvest everything you will die of hunger or get frakt by the state 😉 The "arguments" in this video are false because they are all valid for having a company too.

  3. truthfully this is the right video i needed to watch, actually starting now with my business with just $30 bucks as an experiment. So new years resolution: retire from employment and be self employed.

  4. My problem with all these YouTubers telling people to get into business selling are just making the problem overall worse.

    You, the awoke millennial, are selling garbage to other millennials. Wealthy people don't get wealthy by being stupid… They don't by lowering expenses and increasing value.
    Don't sell garbage. Sell things of value to the people with the money to spare! Create value get rich off the rich, stop praying on suckers… Stop making things worse.

  5. It's great to see a video like this.. I keep getting told I'm lazy for wanting to own a business instead of work for minimum wage at 40 years old… people keep saying just take any job you can find.. I've tried that but it never works out.

  6. No wonder they make prostitution illegal 😂its a never ending money marketing field!! It will never go out of business!! 😂😂😂 plus they can’t tax it too! they can’t make money off it!

  7. I never had money, ever.. I just graduate from college making 30,000 a year. my brother came to me with an idea to flip a house.. I agreed, it was stressful but I made 150,000 in 6 months.. I couldn't believe it.. and the crazy part, my bro doesn't have no education, didn't even graduate from high school..he makes a lot of money flipping houses.

  8. Doing both is the best…at least when your business is at a starting point, work on it during weekends full time for 16-20 hours and after work for a few hours (after 8-9 hour workday you can spend 2-3 on your business). That is if ure single of course and without kids, otherwise it's hard

  9. Thank you Minority Mindset for this great video. I've always thought there's something wrong with these societal norms: go to school get good grades & get a good job! Now I'm self improving and learning more, videos like this definitely help.

  10. 21 i had side hustles ,22 I became an independent contractor ,25 I opened my 1st business now at 26 I’ve made my 1st 6 figures. Please believe in yourself and continue to elevate, save and invest. The key to my success was saving, putting off the things I wanted and moving to a new city to get away from any distractions. 😊 I wish you all the best. If you have any small business ideals comment and let me know. I’m looking to open more businesses .

  11. For me, my job couldn't be more secure. So i started a side business and now I am in the process of getting contracts for my investors made up and went down to part time at my job to focus more time.

    One of the main reasons I want a business is not only so i have freedom. But with a job at a big-old company if something is messed up with the SOP or culture… its very difficult to get things changed for the better.
    When you start your own business YOU can design your own SOP, strategies, culture and so much more.

    Oh yes, and taxes… glorious taxes, total effective tax rate with my job… ~29%, with my own business, ~21%…. 8% is HUGE. Not to mention all the credits and writeoffs you get from spending your own income on ur business… can take that 21% much lower 😀

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