What You Should Know About Getting a Career In Astronomy/Astrophysics

This video will cover how to get into space research (such as astrophysics or astronomy) and some research that is going on.

For those looking into space related majors, your best options are astronomy and astrophysics. However, as an undergrad you will usually just start as a physics major then pick a more specific discipline in grad school.

You also will need to get a PhD if you want to do work in astrophysics or astronomy. There really aren’t jobs in these fields for those with just bachelor’s degrees.

Although the field is very competitive, if you have a true interest for the subject, most people will tell you to pursue it. Even if you don’t land a job that you want, astrophysicists and astronomers can find work in other fields such as finance, engineering, software development, teaching, and more.


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40 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Getting a Career In Astronomy/Astrophysics

  1. I was going to take astronomy major,I want to study cosmology, but as I know, these courses have no value here, and even students with low grades can get in there, so I think I better go with physics, but again same with physics, I have more potential, so I better go for engineering in one of the best universities here, after that, if I want, I can go to astronomy or something like that, and there will be no job issue as well, because I will be already certified engineer,
    So recommend me the best engineering related to this field, BTW I am really bad at drawings so please avoid it, I would like to play with numbers and equations

  2. Ok i want to be an astrophysict but what in this country where people run to get government jobs and there is no college where it is taught and what the funny word research is ..

  3. I wanna be an Astrobiologist, I hopped by this video thinking bout checking other fields where NASA needs skilled people. And ooof, I think any field with an "astro" will give me a headache.

  4. I want to study such things so bad and I'm good in subjects related to this topic, but what's shitty is that I can't go into that field because I'm in a country where the jobs that meets those subjects and knowledge are non-existent, and it would be so hard for me to leave the country due to it being a third world country. Hopefully I'll somehow end up doing what I love.

  5. Damn, this sounds like a lot of work… nearly 10 years of studying after High school?! Hell naw! My dad would probably die before I get a good paying job!

  6. CODING!!! Lots of it. I'm a sophomore in college and I found a research professor the summer after my first year. We code like crazy. Using python, generating sky maps, graphing power spectra of the cmb; all the stuff. If you're in high school and your school offers coding (which my high school did not) TAKE THE CLASSES!!! You will not regret. Also coding is cool!

  7. Derman probably realized that Particle Physics is nonsense….. Only under the conditions they create in the LHC and in active galactic nuclei (AGN) in space do these "particles" temporarily exist. did you notice that I didn't mention "Black Holes", which are a misnomer….

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