Software Engineer talks about cracking Google Interviews | Story & Tips for Job at Google

Rachit, an IIT Roorkee alumnus and Software Engineer at Microsoft explains the complete journey of a Google Interview, what questions they ask, and give tips on the resources to use while preparing for your Google Interview.

I tried to cover all the aspects in one video, and also go into much depth so that you are ready to atleast search for the right questions to move forward with respect to your Google Interview.

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23 thoughts on “Software Engineer talks about cracking Google Interviews | Story & Tips for Job at Google

  1. I tried to cover all important aspects you need to know, You might now want to target each aspect individually.
    And even if you fail, you can re-apply to Google after 6 months. Three of my friends got into Google in their second attempt 😉
    Don't give up, just keep doing more and more each day 😀

    Check video description for a lot of relevant links ;). I am pasting some here as well.
    Famous Coding Questions & Their Explanation ►

    Just sit, watch and relax the above playlist!

    Check video description for all important links. I invest a lot of time in video description, check links to explore on your own, and make the best out of my videos.

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