She came from Toronto to get a nose job in Iran

Nose surgery by Dr. Hosnani.
Hello. How are you?
I am fine thank you
Please let me know what changes would you like? What are we supposed to do?
Rhinoplasty surgery.
I would like you to to remove this hump please
Let me see the hump
well. then?
then a little uprotation of the tip
uh huh
just a little. not too much
No fancy
and smaller ala
Ultimately, what kind of result do you prefer? Natural or semifancy?
during the consultation visit in your office, you advised that semi fancy won’t look good on me
I take your advice and go for natural
you mean, you would go for semi fancy, if I advised the opposite?
I don’t know
I’m looking for your opinion
whatever you advise.
I will do the best for you
whatever is the best
because many of my friends want to come to you from Toronto
you live in Toronto?
I wish you the best
Thank you, thank you
well, this is the final result
I removed the hump
corrected the drooping
The nose is very beautiful
There are some swelling that will go
and the nostrils will be smaller and more beautiful
congrats to her!


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