I QUIT my full-time JOB Teaching to Teach Online | Gogokid | Vipkid | Work from Home

I really did it. You can still make as much money AT HOME. I am doing it & in HALF the hours of a full time job. You can do this too! This is the best job for moms / dads who need / want to stay home ! The pay is amazing and the kids are sweet.

Here are some of my other helpful videos:
Pros and con’s to the job video : https://youtu.be/K9M6_vrA7dc
real class video: https://youtu.be/RhMPYJz64fM
100 day update: https://youtu.be/HENyfqCO4As
Gogokid $300 bonus: https://youtu.be/3zBdFOmlekM

Gogokid and Vipkid are companies I work for teaching ESL online to kids in China!
1) Bachelor’s Degree (Any field of study)
2) 1 Year Teaching Experience (Doesn’t have to be professional. This could be coaching, tutoring etc.)
3) Eligibility to work in the US or Canada
If you want to apply you can use me as a referral. I will help you through the interview process.
Apply for VIPKID here: https://www.vipkidteachers.com/?refereeId=18205294&refersourceid=a01
Apply for GOGOKID here: https://teacher.gogokid.com/?channelId=344&referralId=X73CTGPA
If you have already applied I can still be your referral, just email me and I will see if the company will allow you to add me as your referral.
If you are not sure which company is right for you, email me: deshoteldani@gmail.com
If you have any questions about either company I am happy to share my experiences and answer your questions.
Here is the Amazon affiliate link to the exact lights that changed my classroom 100% for $40.00
If you purchase through this link, Amazon pays me a cut, you pay the same price. Why not? Thank you!
Comment below if you use my links, I am grateful.


7 thoughts on “I QUIT my full-time JOB Teaching to Teach Online | Gogokid | Vipkid | Work from Home

  1. I'm SO happy for you! I don't know how you were doing all that you were doing. I know you're just so excited you want to share. I get it, me too!! I was working full time (not in a teaching job, I did home school my own kids but they're grown) while raising my nephew with special needs. The school was always calling me and it caused stress with my job of course. I worked really hard to get into these 2 companies and it has definitely paid off. I make the same amount of money as I did in my full time job, but the flexibility that I now have is incredible! OXOXOX P.S I was not paid or even encouraged to say this. Haha!

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