How To Make Money Day Trading For Beginners

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29 thoughts on “How To Make Money Day Trading For Beginners

  1. So im new here like everyone else, but im 12. Now you might be thinking, cmon kid you arent ready to be a business day trader guy like that, i mean wait a bit. But my dad is getting into daytrading and he says i should learn it and i could make us rich. Now this is because my family knows that i learn pretty fast. I learned a rubiks cube in 2 days. I play piano all the time with no one to teach me and know some things beyond my reach, i can hear songs by ear, and i am an overall pretty smart kid. So i wanna hear it from you guys. Do you guys think i should get into this or not?

  2. Hey dude! I’m new and I cannot wait to see the rest of the video! I have currently posted this comment in the beginning of your video and I will tell you what I think of your video when I edit!

  3. this might b a dumb question, but wen u say x amt of profit, that's actually x amt that u have access to immediately? Do have that in ur acct that u can go out to a store n and buy with?

  4. I was talking to Justin I mean what's the best tactic for finding a good healthy stock in the first place? That's the most important question before even attempting to trade on any online platform

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  6. Nice binary video, but the BEST BINARY STRATEGY is to find a reliable binary MENTOR/BROKER, Mr Luis Gray you are number one, and the best BINARY trader ever cheers to good life, i was scared and started with just $2000 and she made me $8000 in 6 days.

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