3 Free Tools to Speed Up Your Job Search – 2019

We sink so many hours into a job search, but we can move faster, be more organized, and even gauge the interest level of employers using free tools for our browsers and emails! I walk through my 3 favorite free tools for my job search including how to use them to have an edge against the competition.

In the video I share several email templates to send throughout the job interview process, here are the videos to get the full templates:

The Ultimate Email to Tell Your Network You’re Job Hunting

2 Messages to Send Right After You Apply for a Job

How to Write a Thank You Note – and 4 Other Important Interview Tips

How to Follow Up After a Job Interview – Template and Timeline Included!

Here are the links to download the extensions mentioned (and directions):

One Tab

Templates/Canned emails
For Gmail: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-enable-and-use-canned-responses-in-gmail/
For Outlook: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/save-email-templates-outlook


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5 thoughts on “3 Free Tools to Speed Up Your Job Search – 2019

  1. Hi Madeline! Any tips on how long I should wait to follow up on an email sent to the Hiring Manager that got 2 views using Streak? Should I follow the same timeline for reaching back out after an interview (even though I've not had an interview yet)?

  2. i know i girl once here name was madeleine. very sad video. although a good technical understanding and explanation. give me a job i a great email header at least its not my fault.

  3. Really liked the One Tab! That's great for me, not only for job searching, but I constantly have lots of tabs all the time! Also, what happened to you? Did you fall or something? :/

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