How To Make Money Making Websites | Make Websites and Charge $1000’s (BEGINNER FRIENDLY)

In this video I show you how to make money making websites. You can charge $1000 of dollars to potential customers and I will show you how.

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To make money with websites you first need to know how to make a website. This is why I’m showing you a site called and this site is one of the easiest sites that you can use to make websites.

What I suggest you do is sign up for the free trial familiarize your self with the platform and then advertise your services on upwork and fiverr and start making money. This site is for beginners and you will learn very quickly how to make a website.

One you get the hang of the site you can then make websites for money as almost every business has a website our there. You can also source local businesses that don’t have the best sites and offer them your services.

So if you want to make money building websites for others I suggest you watch this video jump on advertise your services and you will definitely start making money online doing this. Remember a lot of people don’t know how to build a website so that leaves a huge gap in a massive market to cash in.

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