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#MoneyMindset Let’s talk about the four beliefs that limit your wealth. In the New Year you often want to #GetYourLifeTogether and what better way to start than by creating money making habits by changing your money beliefs and shifting your money mindset.


24 thoughts on “How to Get Out of Debt FAST | Money Mindset | STACEY FLOWERS

  1. Been watching your videos several months…..Your income has increased but I’m still waiting for your Debt to drop…Instead of saying your debt is over $200k….I encourage you to get specific with the number …respect the numbers/get real. Knock it down Girl! I have also been a fan of Suzie’s but don’t recall the Good v Bad debt the way you do. I’m just saying ….you’re making more money…. great….but I’m not hearing about the Debt coming down. Imagine how you will feel with that Debt gone!!!

  2. After next months payment I will have paid off 18K in credit card debt since January of 2018. After that I have another 9K in student loan debt to pay off by June. My commitment to myself is to be debt free in 2019. Your videos keep me on track and motivated.

  3. I think I struggle because I dont value the things I got into debt over. It's been so long I dont even know what they are, I dont even have most of them ! Credit card debt is the majority of my debt

  4. Love this!!! My student loan debt was a choice that I made for something I wanted in advance. It wasn’t a wise choice but it was a CHOICE I made. Now I will make better choices to repay this loans. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Actually, I do have one other question. I’m looking to purchase 2 manuals—one for myself and the other for a friend. Will she still be able to have access to the videos since I’m the one making the purchase?

  6. Great video!! Growing up, my parents and older brothers explained debt the same way your are talking about it now. I started on my debt repayment in March of 2018. My starting income was $800 also. By the end of 2018 I had moved up to $1552.45. I am planning on increasing that to $2500 starting January 2019 with a $800 to $1000 increase thereafter. I am so glad that my debt is mainly student loans. And I thank God to be able to be the first child in a family of 10 to get a degree.

    Again, great video!

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