How to get Accounting Job Experience (Entry Level) | I am 27 and have no real-life accounting experience and have been working as a temp at firm for about a year in a position that doesn’t deal with accounting and very little finance. I want to get my CPA but my accounting knowledge is very low at this point. What do you suggest I do at this point? Do I need to do something to get a base accounting foundation?

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  1. I had a masters in a totally unrelated field but went back and got a degree in accounting that was defined as an accounting diploma program.  It gave me all the credits I would need in accounting to sit for CPA exam.  However, I can't find work in the field.  Lost track of how many places I've applied to with no response.  I've read that many people who pass the CPA even can't find work because they have no experience.  I don't feel like digging myself in deeper with this if it won't even get me a job anyway.

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